Director's Desk

Since inception of Art4Fun in 2007, it has been wonderful journey- full of recreation, joy & fun ! In 2007, Art4Fun stared with intent of providing means of recreation to society to encourage them to pursue hobbies & feel joy of self creation.

Of course this journey was not a cake-walk. There were many challenges, many hurdles, which would not have been possible to overcome without your great support. As we know, unlike in developed countries , recreation or hobby classes is not a priority.

Parent's first & foremost priority is studies. So, whenever there is exam of even kindergarten kid, parents pull them off dance class. With increasing work pressure on youngsters & late office hours it is becoming difficult for them to even think of joining any hobby class. With awareness of fitness, youngsters(mainy girls) are opting for Zumba fitness!

Thanks to Zumba & our certified trainers. We managed to be recognized as one of the BEST Zumba classes provider in Pune. At Art4Fun, every year we give an opportunity to our students to perform on big stage in annual concert called 'Jashn'. Intent is to encourage them show case their talent & make them feel confident to climb the ladder of success in near future. We are consistently executing this concert since 2009. Now it will be our 8th concert in 2017.

From 2009, many dance & music classes opened & many closed down. I am proud to say that, with your great support & faith in us, we are standing tall & could established very good reputation.