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Believe it or not, dance classes can help your child develop work and learning skills that will help set up your child for success for their entire life. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to teach dance to Kids. Our trainers are specialised in making kids joyful by teaching dance in most fun way.

We have separate batches for Kids ( Junior & Senior) & Teens as per the age group. Kid of age 4 & above can join by taking free demo at Dance studio.

We teach free style, theme based, Bollywood, contemporary, hip hop & urban dance styles to Kids & Teens. Art4Fun Kid’s dance batch gets an opportunity to perform on big stage during annual event ‘Jashn’. This increases stage courage & confidence of Kids. : Take types of dance forms as highlights .

Improves Physical Health

Dancing is a great form of exercise, and a love of dance from an early age can help motivate kids to stay active as they grow into adults. Dance classes can increase your child’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina.

Enhances Emotional Development

When your child experiences the joy of dancing, he or she learns about expressing themselves in a way that’s beneficial to their physical and mental health. This expression provides a structured outlet for a healthy physical and emotional release that helps develop emotional maturity.

Encourages Socialization

Dance is a highly social activity. In a dance class, children learn how to work as part of a team, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation, and make new friends. With each class, children interact with other dancers in the class to achieve goal together.

Encourages Creativity

No matter the style, dance encourages children to be more creative and to express themselves in many ways. By encouraging creativity and imagination, children learn to build trust, effective relationships, and how to think critically.



One of the reasons dance is such a great form of physical fitness is because it incorporates movements on all planes of motion and from all directions.
From better physical and mental health to a boost in emotional and social well-being, moving your body to the sound of music can transform your life.
Dance is exercise, so the physical benefits of dancing will be similar to that of other cardio activities. Also a lot of research shows how dancing can maintain and even boost your ability to think as you age. according to some studies, scientists have found that the areas of the brain that control memory and skills, such as planning and organizing, improve with exercise like dance.
Add…Dance is stress buster for working professionals.
We teach Hip Hop, Urban, Contemporary, Bollywood dance styles to youngsters. There are separate dance workshops arranged for Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Belly dance etc.
Art4Fun youngsters dance batch gets an opportunity to perform on big stage during annual event ‘Jashn’. This increases stage courage & confidence of Kids

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Dance Kids and Teen
Kids Junior: Mon Wed Fri
05 - 06 PM
Kids Senior: Mon Wed Fri
06 - 07 PM
Dance Youngsters
Youngster 1: Mon Wed Fri
08 - 09 PM
Youngster 2: Sat Sun
11.15 AM - 12.15 PM

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