Pre-Wedding Services

Wedding Choreography, Wedding Fitness & Beauty

Pre Wedding Choreography

We are rated as one of the best engagement or pre-marriage pre-wedding choreography/sangeet choreography providers in Pune. We did more than 50 marriage choreographies & counting. We ensure a memorable couple dance performance on a special day of marriage or engagement. We do choreography at our studio or at your house. We assist in song selection, song editing, style etc. We also provide side dancers for the event. Watch some of the choreographies & reviews.

Pre Wedding Fitness & Beauty

It’s every bride’s dream to look beautiful & be fit for marriage. Our ‘Bride Fitness Program’ designed by experts includes a special workout for happy married life & it provides natural glow. This is a guaranteed program , where we define the baseline by taking BMI & inches measurements at the start of the program & compare at the end to prove benefit. We also provide diet guidance & lifestyle changes.

Looking for any of these services?
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Looking for any of these services?
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